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Sumit Agarwal is Low Tuck Kwong Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Business School and a Professor of Economics and Real Estate at the National University of Singapore. He is also the Managing Director of Sustainable and Green Finance Institute at NUS. In the past, he has held positions as a Professor of Finance at the Business School, Georgetown University. Before that he was a senior financial economist in the research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and prior to joining the Chicago Fed, he was a senior vice president and credit risk management executive in the Small Business Risk Solutions Group of Bank of America.

Sumit’s research interests include issues relating to household sustainablity, financial institutions, household finance, behavioral finance, and real estate markets. He has published over one hundred research articles in journals like the American Economic ReviewQuarterly Journal of EconomicsJournal of Political EconomyReview of Economic StudiesJournal of FinanceJournal of Financial EconomicsReview of Financial Studies among others. Additionally, he has co-written three books titled Household Finance: A Functional Approach Kiasunomics , and Kiasunomics2 , and also co-edited two collected volumes titled Impact of COVID-19 on Asian Economies and Policy Responses, and Household Credit Usage: Personal Debt and Mortgages. He writes regular op-ed’s in the Straits Times and is featured on various media outlets like the BBC, CNBC, and Fox on issues relating to finance, banking, and real estate markets. Sumit’s research is widely cited in leading newspapers and magazines like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, and the U.S Presidents Report to Congress. He also runs a blog on household financial decision making called Smart Finance.