India Finance Conference (IFC) 2018



The participants at the conference have to make their own arrangements for accommodation. Limited accommodation on first – come – first – served basis shall be available on IIMC campus, against payment at the Management Development Centre and Tata Hall. Accommodation shall be on a single and double occupancy basis and shall be charged separately – the cost is going to be ₹ 1200/- per night for single rooms and ₹ 2500/- per night for double rooms and this shall include the room tariff only.

In order to book a room in IIMC campus you need to first register for the conference here http://financelab.iimcal.ac.in/confreg/. Once you fill up the form, there will be an option of accommodation and you need to  select ‘YES’ for booking a room in IIMC campus.

There are a couple of other accommodation options near IIMC campus – they are:

Kolkata has many good hotels to stay. Below are a few suggestive links of websites that provide online booking facilities for hotels in Kolkata.





Apart from these, there are a host of other hotels in Kolkata that participants can choose from.


Contact Address

The City of Kolkata


Kolkata, one of the largest cities of India, is rich in cultural values and traditions. In addition to IIMC, Kolkata boasts of a number of exceptional academic and research institutes such as Indian Statistical Institute, Jadavpur University, Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, Indian Art College, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Jute Research Institute etc.

Bordered by the famous Hooghly River on the west, Kolkata boasts of many places of historical and scientific importance like Victoria Memorial Hall, Birla Planetarium, Indian Museum, Botanical Garden, and Science City etc.

Kolkata, the “City of Joy”, may also be termed as one of the pioneers in starting the freedom movement in India, and B.B.D.Bag stands as a reflection of the sacrificed lives for freedom. Howrah Bridge is the only cantilever bridge in the country, and it connects the busy city with Howrah and other important roadways to India.

The city is well connected by air and rail to all major cities in India. It has an International Airport and is connected to major cities of Asia, Europe, USA and the Gulf.

The city has stretches of hot seasons as well as rainy seasons and moderate winter seasons. Generally during April to June temperature is fairly high, rains will be there during July to September and December- January are moderately cold days.

December to January is the best time to visit Kolkata.  The weather is pleasurable with temperatures around 20 C. Early mornings are foggy and ideal for leisurely walks.


Getting to Kolkata:


One of the four metros of India, Kolkata is known for its richness in culture and presently the fast developing Information Technology industry. The developments in the city have pressed the demand for better communication of Kolkata to all other cities of the country. The city is brilliantly connected not only to the different parts of India but also to the different corners of the world too. The city is blessed with connections through the air, road, train and boat from almost every point of the country. The communication facilities have paved the way for getting to Kolkata (by Air, Train, Boat, Road) an easy affair to handle. The city has all the facilities of International airport to the busiest railway stations to the crowded bus stations and a large port serving to the needs of the travelers.

The communication facilities to Kolkata not only helps the long distance travelers to get to Kolkata but it also is the way of thoroughfare for nearly a million people daily. A huge population from the nearby suburban areas of Kolkata commutes on a daily basis through the bus, trains and boat service of Kolkata.


By Air:


Kolkata is home to two different airports. One is for the Domestic purpose called Dumdum Airport and the one for the International destinations called the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Kolkata is connected to almost all destinations of the country via direct or hopping flights. Besides the major cities of the country the airways of the Kolkata connects Jorhat, Lucknow, Nagpur, Patna, Port Blair, Ranchi, Silchar, Tezpur, Visakhapatnam, Amritsar and Leh to the city.

Kolkata is also connected to the major destinations of the world. Around ten international airways operates from Kolkata.




By Train:


Kolkata is very well connected by train to all parts of the country – for further details about the train connections as well as availability, please refer to the Indian Railways website (www.indianrail.gov.in).


Getting to IIM Calcutta Campus:


The IIMC campus is at Joka, about 35 kms from Kolkata airport and 20 kms from Howrah / Sealdah railway station. On arrival you can hire a taxi. The fare from the airport to IIMC is about Rs 400. It is about Rs 300 from Howrah station. IIMC does not make any transportation arrangements for participants.